-Respect and tolerance towards different genres of music.

-Promote the development of knowledge about different styles of music.

-The students will engage in positive auditory and kinesthetic experiences with a variety of musical genres, identifying personal preferences, practicing, speaking and writing skills, using vocabulary related to the subject


Instructions: Contents that must be considered

  1. Introduction: Give a creative introduction to your band or singer using interesting or curious facts about the artists.
  2. Interpretation of the song.
  3. Length of the song: max. 6 minutes
  4. Personal opinion.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Speaks clearly.
  2. Content
  3. Memory
  4. Punctuality
  5. Performance


Deadline: Friday, October 22nd

Final online exhibitions and awards: Friday the 27th



1st place: medal and gift card

2nd place: medal and gift card

3rd place: medal and gift card